WordPress Website Sends Emails From [email protected]

How To Change Sender Email Address From WordPress Website

WordPress website notification emails are ususally sent with sender email address as wordpress@mydomain.com.

Recently(Early February 2017) I was looking for a plugin that could help me change sender email address from wordpress@mydomain.com to myname@mydomain.com. I came across a WordPress Plugin that helps send notification emails from website from any email address of my choice, for example: myname@mydomain.com

This plugin really worked for me so well. I thought I would share with you guys here and help you out with changing sender email address from wordpress@mydomain.com to myname@mydomain.com

This free WordPress plugin is named as WP Simple Mail Sender. Once you install it, it shows under Settings in your WordPress Admin Panel. Once you click on it, it looks like this:

Just fill in From Name, From Address and Save Changes and you are done. This is as simple as that. Awesome plugin.

Share your views as to how you found it. Thank you.

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