Windows 7 Shortcuts We Don’t Use Much 3

Shortcuts are basically combination of keys pressed together to perform certain functions. People don’t use them much but these shortcuts definitely make interaction with computer much faster. Just use them on a regular basis and they become a habit and save time. Here are a few of Windows 7 Shortcuts that are really helpful.


Windows 7 Shortcuts -


Press Key Result
 F1  Display Help
 Ctrl+C  Copy the selected item
 Ctrl+X  Cut the selected item
 Ctrl+V  Paste the selected item
 Ctrl+Z  Undo an action
 Ctrl+Y  Redo an action
 Ctrl+Shift+N  Create a new folder
 Shift+Delete  Delete the selected item without moving to Recycle Bin
 Alt+Tab  Switch between all open windows
 Windows +Pause  Open System Properties Dialog Box
 Windows+D  Display Desktop
 Windows+M  Minimize all open windows
 Windows+L  Lock Computer
 Windows+R  Opens ‘Run’ Dialog Box


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  1. Reply Hasi Mar 5,2013 12:47 pm

    This is great.. Can save lots of time too. Thanks for this information..

  2. Reply Isewal Sekhon Mar 5,2013 2:42 pm

    Thanks for the prompt action.

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