Where Is Start Menu In Windows 8

We all Windows OS users are so used to ‘Start’ button that we were surprised to find¬†‘Start’ button missing in Windows 8 OS. When Windows 8 OS was launched, everybody had the same question “Where is the Start Menu In Windows 8”. Well, Windows 8 was primarily designed keeping in mind the touch screen devices and thus Microsoft took the ‘Start’ Menu off the new OS.

Classic Shell is a free open-source program that you can install on a Windows 8 machine and you get your ‘Start’ button back. Another advantage of this program is that on booting, you straight away enter the familiar Windows 7 like Desktop screen. Even if you are on Metro (UI Screen) and hit the Windows key on keyboard, you are taken to familiar Windows 7 like Desktop.

To download Classic Shell, simply search ‘Classic Shell’ in Google or download it from www.classicshell.net. While installing Classic Shell, uncheck any programs other than ‘Classic Shell’ as those would not be needed.

Here is a screenshot of my ‘Start’¬†Menu using Classic Shell in Windows 8.

Where Is Start Menu In Windows 8

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