What Is My WiFi Password – Windows 10

How To Recover My WiFi Password – Windows 10

We all often forget our WiFi passwords since we never change them frequently. And when we buy a new wireless device like a smartphone, tablet or a laptop and try to connect to internet, we are stuck.

In the following article, I would explain how you could find your forgotten WiFi password. In this method, your Windows 10 PC or Laptop must be connected to internet via WiFi.

Please follow the steps.

Step 1.

Right Click on WiFi icon at bottom right of your screen and Left Click on ‘Open Network and Sharing Center’.

Step 2.

You are on ‘Network and Sharing Center’ screen. Left Click on ‘Wireless Network Connection (Your Network Name)

Step 3.

Next Screen says ‘Wireless Network Connection Status’. Left Click on ‘Wireless Properties’

Step 4.

Next screen says on top ‘My Network Wireless Network Properties’. Left Click on ‘Security’ Tab.

Step 5.

In ‘Security Tab, Left Click on checkbox ‘Show characters’. You would see your Wifi Password next to ‘Network security key’.

You may also check following Youtube video.

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