What Is My IP Address – Google Has The Answer 2

The question “What Is My IP Address” is heard quite often. So many times you need to know your own IP Address allocated by Internet Service Provider. Google is always there to help. Simply type ‘what is my ip address’ in Google Search and you would see your IP Address displayed in the very first line. IP Address is also referred to as ‘Public IP Address’. Please do not think that this is your permanent IP Address. Internet Service Providers usually allocate Dynamic IP Address to clients unless you ask for a Static IP address. Dynamic IP address is the one that usually keeps changing whereas Static IP Address always remains same.

Here is the screenshot of how Google displays your IP address. IP address in screenshot has been blurred for privacy reasons.

What Is My IP Address

2 thoughts on “What Is My IP Address – Google Has The Answer

  1. Reply Hasi Feb 12,2013 7:18 am

    I never knew that finding the IP address was so easy. Google has answers to all our problems. Thanks for this simple tip.

  2. Reply eversmile Apr 13,2013 4:32 am

    Really it is very nice and useful tips to find our own IP address. There are many site available like this to find your own IP address. I used to find my own IP address using the site Ip-Details.com ,here they are providing ISP address, latitude and longitude, IP location and country along with that.

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