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Microsoft Office Picture Manager is a program which is part of MS Office versions 2003 through 2010. This is a pretty handy tool used to crop, resize, compress images and has few more functionalities as well. Let us have a look at the these picture editing features.


Microsoft Office Picture Manager -


Open any picture in in Microsoft Office Picture Manager and click on ‘Picture’. ‘Picture’ menu shows the following editing options.

  • Auto Correct: This feature auto corrects the brightness, contrast and color settings of image.
  • Brightness and Contrast: You can manually adjust¬† the brightness and contrast of image. Clicking on ‘Brightness and Contrast’ opens up the sidebar to manually adjust the brightness/contrast settings.
  • Color: Click on ‘Color’ to manually change ‘Hue and saturation’ settings.
  • Crop: Click on this option to crop any part of the image. This is really a very convenient tool.
  • Rotation and Flip: This is a very convenient tool to rotate an image to left or right. This tool also has option to rotate image through a¬†specific angle. Image can also be flipped horizontally or vertically.
  • Red Eye Removal: An easy tool for red eye correction.
  • Resize: Using this tool, images can be resized to “Predefined width X height”. Other options include “Custom width X height” and “Percentage of original width X height”.
  • Compress Pictures: Pictures can be easily compressed to be embedded in Documents, Webpages and Emails.

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    This picture Manager is very efficient. I did not know earlier that it could do so much.thanks for uploading this information.

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