How To Enable Home Button And Change Homepage In Microsoft Edge Browser

How To Enable Home Button And Change Homepage In Microsoft Edge Browser

In this post I am going to discuss how you could enable a Home Button in Microsoft Edge Browser and set a Startup page and home page of your choice.

Let’s first understand what exactly is Home Button, Startup/Start Page and Homepage.

A Startup Page (Start Page) is a page that would show when you open your browser.

A Home Button is a button that is like a house icon and shows on almost top left of your Edge Broswer

A Homepage is a page that you would see in broswer after you click on Home Button

How to set Start Page

STEP 1. Open your Edge Browser and click on three dots, also known as ‘More’, on top right of your broswer. See image below.



STEP 2. Scroll down all the way to settings and click on it. In next window look at the area in red box that says ‘Open Microsoft Edge with’. Click on the drop down and click on last option that says ‘A specific page or pages’. You’d then be asked to ‘Enter a URL’. You may enter the URL of page that you want to set as homepage eg. . After entering URL, YOU MUST CLICK ON that tiny ‘Save’ icon on right side of field where you entered URL. Now if you close and reopen Edge, you would notice that start page has change to your own URL. See image below.



How to enable Home Button and Homepage

STEP 1. Again click on three dots (More) on top right of your browser. Scroll down and click on ‘Settings’ Scroll all the way down to ‘Advanced settings’ and click on ‘View advanced settings’. See image below.



STEP 2.Toggle ‘Show the home button’ to ‘On’ and click on the drop down below and select ‘A specific page’. You would then see a box that says ‘Enter a URL’. Just enter any URL here and click on Save on right side of this field. Your Home Button would now show on top left of your page and when you click on it, you would see your homepage in Edge. Look at the image below.



You can also have a look at following Step-By-Step Youtube video.



I hope above post was helpful. If you have any questions or thoughts, please write your comments.

Thank you!

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