How To Change Taskbar Position In Windows 10

How To Change Taskbar Position In Windows 10 – Two Methods

Windows 10 were launched only a few months back. Everybody is still learning the functionality of this newly launched Operating System. Many times I am asked about how to change the position of task bar in Windows 10. In today’s post, I would illustrate two simple ways to re-position the task bar.

Method 1

Right click on the task bar and unlock the task bar by clicking on “Lock the taskbar” if it already has a “Checkmark” (see image). This will unlock the taskbar. You can now drag the taskbar to left, right or even top positions.

Method 2

Right click on task bar and then click on properties. In the pop up that shows on screen, make a selection for position of task bar from Bottom, Left, Right and Top. Click “Apply” and “Ok”.

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