Google Search Tips And Tricks

Over the last few years, Google has become a part of our everyday life. We just can’t imagine life without Google. We have used Google Search Engine so much that the name “Google” became a verb from a noun. I still remember when we used to say “Search this in Google”. That phrase has since changed to “Google it”. Over the years, Google has added so many new features / functionalities for easy, quick and accurate search results. Here are few Google Search Tips And Tricks we rarely use but are really useful.

Check Time: To see what time it is anywhere in world, simply type in time and name of place, for example ‘time chicago’ and Google gives you exact time. Here’s an example:



Unit Conversion: Converting Units could never be easier. Say, you need to convert 2.5 Kg into Lbs. Simply type ‘2.5 kg lbs’. Similarly, if you wanted to convert 255 miles into kilometers, just type ‘255 miles km’ and see the results. Isn’t that amazing! Here are screenshots…




Currency Conversion: Currency Conversions are really simple too. Just type in [currency 1] [currency 2]. For example if you are looking to convert 60 CAD into INR (Indian Rupees), simply type ’60 CAD INR’ and you get your results. Look at the following screenshot…



Check Weather: Simply type in city name and weather, say ‘weather vancouver’ and Vancouver weather shows on your screen instantly.



Definition: Get definition of any word simply by typing ‘define:’ in fornt of the word, for example ‘define:inspire’. Look at the following screenshot…



Calculate: It is so easy to do a calculation with Google. Simply type in what you want to calculate and get your results in no time. Say you wanted to calculate (6*2+7) and you instantly get the result 19. You would also see a calculator on your screen to do any further calculation, simply fantastic!



Search Any Website: You could search any website using Google Search. Say, you are trying to search ‘windows 8’ in the website ‘’. Just type in ‘ windows 8’ and you get what you were looking for. Amazing!


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