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Today, I would discuss some Free Cloud Storage Options available. In simple words, Cloud Storage is saving your important data files somewhere on a remote server. These could be picture, music, Word, Excel or any files. You have the flexibility to access all your data files any time of day from anywhere in the world. Take a picture in Chicago, save it in your cloud storage and share it instantly with your friend in Singapore. Hats off to Information Technology!

Cost of online data storage has come down drastically over the years and thus its popularity and demand is on the rise. Choosing a Cloud Storage Service Provider is a pretty hard decision to take these days. All services are different. There could be difference of maximum file size, type of encryption, how you could handle and store files etc. Almost all service providers offer Apps for Smartphones, Desktops and Macs. Since there is a large number of Cloud Storage Service Providers out in the market, they are all trying to woo clients by offering certain free online storage space.

Here is brief description of Service Providers that offer Free Cloud Storage space when you sign up with them.

  1. DropBox offers 2 GB of free space but also provides 500 MB of space per referral upto a maximum of 18 GB. After that they have monthly plans starting at $9.99 per month
  2. Box offers 5 GB of free space. Beyond that, they have different plans eg. $9.99/month for 25 GB and so on. For free 5 GB space, there is file size restriction of 250 MB
  3. GoogleDrive comes from Google and offers 5 GB of free space. One could upgrade to $2.49/month whereas 100 GB comes for $4.99/month. There are higher plans available too
  4. SkyDrive from Microsoft offers 7 GB for free. Additional 20 GB could be added for an annual price of $10 and 50 GB couldĀ be added for $25/year, sounds pretty reasonable
  5. MediaFire offers 50 GB for free when you sign up with individual file size limit of 200 MB. 50 GB (with more features and 1 GB individual file size limit) is offered for $1.50/month and they have more plans to offer for bigger storage space
  6. Adrive Offers a Personal Basic (Free) plan with basic features and you get 50 GB of Free Space
  7. iCloud from Apple offers 5 GB of free space and there after addtional 10 GB costs $20/year and addtional 20 GB is $40/year

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