12 Essential Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts / Tips & Tricks 3

Windows 8 operating system is primarily designed for touch screen devices / machines. However, we all are still going to use this new operating system on our older machines with keyboard and mouse. Windows 8 is quite different from Windows 7. Using certain keyboard shortcuts can certainly make life easier with Windows 8. Just keep using on a regular basis and very soon, you would get used to these shortcuts. Here is the consolidated list of Windows 8 shortcuts.

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  1. Windows key + C – This key combination brings in Charms bar sliding from the right side of screen. Charms, in fact, is a combination of Search, Share, Devices and Settings options. You could also reach Charms bar by simple moving mouse pointer to top right or bottom right corners of screen.
  2. Windows key + D – simply takes you to Desktop
  3. Windows key + E – This keyboard shortcut launches Windows Explorer
  4. Windows key + F – opens Files and Folders Search
  5. Windows key + I – shows Settings giving access to Control Panel, Personalization, Power Button and a few more features
  6. Windows key + M – minimizes all open windows on Desktop
  7. Windows key + Pause/Break – launches System Properties Windows
  8. Windows key + R – brings up the Run command
  9. Windows key + X – shows Access Menu for Command Prompt, Disk Management, File Explorer, Run and a lot more. Access menu can also be reached by simply right clicking the mouse in bottom left corner of screen.
  10. Windows key + , (comma) – press and hold this key combination to have a quick view of Desktop
  11. Windows key + . (period) – every time you press this key combination, window is snapped to first left and then right side of screen
  12. Windows key + Print Scrn – takes a screenshot of current screen and saves the .png image in Screenshots folder within Pictures folder

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  1. Reply Hasi Jan 19,2013 2:54 am

    These shortcuts look great.

  2. Reply Isewal Sekhon Mar 5,2013 12:56 am

    Can you also please tell us shortcuts for Windows 7.

  3. Reply Jaspreet Makkar Mar 5,2013 1:22 am

    Sure Isewal, I would do that in a day or two. Thanks!

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